• Root Canal

    We endevour to offer the best of our Services. List to be added soon.

  • Dental Tourism

    Special Module for NRIs Coming Soon..

  • Symptom Check

    Know the solution for your pain just by filling a simple form

  • Preventive Dentistry

    Our philosophy stresses the importance of preventive dentistry and early intervention.We also believe that there are energetic links between the teeth and the rest of the body and we aim to provide the most biocompatible care possible.

  • Specialists Doctors

    Whereas it would be nice to cater for all your dental needs, we try to avoid the “jack of all trades and master of none” pitfall. If a patient needs specialist treatment we facilitate the services of a Specialist practitioners.

  • Appointment Manager

    We also have a fully integrated Software system to manage online appointment and to keep the patients updated about their prescriptions and next appointments through SMS

  • State of Art Technology

    Our Clinic is tech-savvy and invest in Latest equipments including RVG for Digital X-Rays which minimises any risk for radiation hazards.